Why Do Cats Clean Themselves After Eating

Have you ever wondered why your cat washes herself after she has eaten, or why male cats go submissive whenever there is any catnip around? Cat Weight has the answers to these brainteasers and other intriguing feline facts in this compendium of cat related facts.

Having trouble keeping your in line and out of your drawers? The answer is simple, spray a little lemon juice anywhere you don’t want her.

Cats hate anything with citrus in it.
Did you know that cats with blue eyes are deaf?
Cats bathe directly after eating because their instinct for survival tells them to do so. This stems back to when cats lived in the wild and needed to avoid detection from predators that could be down wind of them.
There are more cats living in London than there are people living in Norway.
Havana cats have nothing to do with Cuba. They are simply the same colour as the famous cigar.
Cats see in the dark by reflecting light from their retina onto objects, almost like an involuntary light bulb inside their face.
Cats are longsighted. They see accurately over a long distance but anything closer than six inches is just a blur.
One in one thousand orange cats are female. That is some serious competition for the lads.
Have you ever wondered why catnip is so effective? Well here’s why. It is actually urine taken from a dominant female. Male cats go all submissive on us if they think there is a female to impress.
We all know cats use their whiskers to help guide them around. And this is why mothers bite the whiskers of their kittens, to stop them wondering off.

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