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As cat owners we want the best for our much loved feline companions and to ensure that we are doing all we can to safeguard our cat’s weight is inline with the healthy norms. The diet we offer our cats has a major impact on their lifespan, health, vitality, weight and all round disposition.

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Lately there has been a huge increase in the number of cat owners seeking advice and information on the best ways to manage their cat’s weight – be it increasing their healthy body weight or helping their moggy become a slimmer feline!

What Is Cat Weight dot co dot uk all about?

This website is your independent guide to having a happy, healthy, nutritionally balanced cat.

On this site we offer independent and professional advice on cat weight and:

  • The optimum healthy weight for cats (general)
  • Cat feeding guides
  • Cat food reviews
  • Cat weight charts
  • Cat slimming advice
  • Causes of cat weight loss
  • Cause of cat weight gain
  • & more!

Cat Weight Guidance

This is the primary resource for this website. To provide useful and informative text on cat weight related issues in order to help cat owners best understand and follow a nutritional plan that is perfectly suited to their cat’s breed type, age and activity levels.

Many cat owners are actually surprised to learn that what they feed their feline companion has an enormous impact on issues such as their cat’s behaviour as well as their general disposition.

Here we will help you to understand the vast benefits of matching your cat’s feeding regime with their all round lifestyle.

The site is free to use and also benefits from contributions from feline nutritional experts, pet cat owners and professionals from within the pet industry.

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